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4th of April 2017

I've always been very bad at school. I didn't like classes and what we were forced to read. When I first discovered science fiction books it was a revelation. I had finally found something that interested me and that I could do with pleasure. So I began to read a lot : Isaac Asimov, Franck Herbert, Arthur C. Clarck, René Barjavel, Stefan Wul... 2001 a space Odyssey (the movie and the book) represents for me this change in consciousness at many levels. In the proper sense the movie is about moving from a level of evolution to another. In a figurative sense this movie has many layers of comprehension, layers that I seem to discover each time I watch it: from total incomprehension (I must admit I didn't understand a thing the first time I saw it), to breathtaking effects and picture, to philosophical and metaphysical point of view etc... As a viewer I feel like I'm watching much more than a movie. This movie is for me a kind of achievement so perfect that it goes far beyond cinematography. It proves that a movie can be an art form as profound as a painting, a piece of music or a book. Every time I watch 2001 a space Odyssey, it is a reminder that I must do things as deeply and effectively as possible.